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Celebrity news Miley Cyrus ‘sexually suggestive’ posters are not offensive, watchdog rules Advertising Standards Authority finds ‘seductive’ posters showing singer with her legs open for MAC Viva Glam cosmetics campaign do not breach rules Miley Cyrus in the ‘offending’ advert and, right, at a launch event for Viva Glam By Agency The year-old singer was shown on a billboard at a shopping centre lying down in a low-cut body suit with her legs apart while promoting MAC Cosmetics. She was surrounded by mirrors with pink lighting which focussed attention on her lower body. Two other posters on the London Underground showed a similar image of the star with her legs apart, but they also partly showed a mirrored reflection of the singer’s crotch. Miley in another MAC Cosmetics advert Three people objected, saying the ads were offensive as they were “overtly sexual”, while two of them also complained they were unsuitable for display as they were likely to be seen by children. In a ruling released on Wednesday, the Advertising Standards Authority ASA said the posters were “sexually suggestive” and “seductive”. But they did not find that the posters – part of the “MAC Viva Glam” advertising campaign – breached rules. The industry watchdog said: MAC Cosmetics said the images were not overtly sexual as they featured no nudity or any hint of sexual activity, including in her facial expression.

Miley Cyrus’s Wrecking Ball music video breaks viewing records

In a photograph taken with boyfriend Justin Gaston and a group of friends, the Hannah Montana star, 16, pulls a slant-eye pose in an apparent attempt to ‘look Asian’. After the image was leaked on to the internet, Asian American groups have condemned the pose as ‘racist’ and demanded an apology from the teenager. Miley as Hannah Montana ‘We hope that Miley Cyrus will apologise to her fans and the APA community for this lapse in judgment and takes the opportunity to better understand why the gesture is offensive.

This isn’t the first time Miley has attracted controversy for her personal photos. Several images on the internet of Miley posing with friends were criticised as too suggestive for her age.

Let’s talk about The feels like the world got to experience Miley Cyrus in a much broader capacity. It’s so easy for the audience to get emotionally invested in the show when your commitment to the contestants is so evident, and your energy is infectious.

Miley Cyrus certainly made ‘history’ through her latest music video “Twerking Balls” that showed her naked and licking a sledgehammer and her Aug. The “Twerking Balls” music video broke Vevo’s hour record at In addition, her performance at VMA sparked a Twitter frenzy of , tweets per minute, according to Hollywood Reporter. However, many are probably wondering what has happened to cause the former Disney actress who starred in the popular “Hannah Montana Show,” and a Baptist Christian who took to wearing a purity ring as a sign of her Christian faith to change for the worse and lose her identity in Christ.

In , Cyrus, who was just year-old then, but already a multi-millionaire, told Fox News in an interview that it is her faith that keeps her “grounded” and affirmed her desire to follow Jesus. But just after five years, her behaviors and music directions starkly contrasted her Christian upbringing from the Tennessee countryside. Her father Billy Ray Cyrus, a country music singer, said in an interview with GQ Magazine in March that he regretted enlisting her then-teenage girl in the “Hannah Montana Show” and also admitted to having made grave errors as parent.

I’d take it back in a second” he said. I’d erase it all in a second if I could. Grace Vuoto, founder of the Edmund Burke Institute of American Renewal, explained the cause of this downfall as a result of the Hollywood elite telling children to disregard their parents, which inadvertently separates them from Christ. When the authority of parents is constantly undermined, then the link between the child and Christianity is also severed,” she wrote.

Vuoto wrote that Mr.

Miley Cyrus’ Sister Noah Is Poised to Steal Her Thunder — Plus, Meet Their Other Siblings!

In the magazine’s annual “Summer Must List” issue on newsstands now , the year-old pop star speaks candidly about his Disney Channel days. If you want to talk about that graduating class of , I’m really proud—it’s a really good group,” says Nick, who dated Miley and Selena during that era. It’s a cool thing. I still think its one of the best pop songs of the last 10 years.

And you know, she’s always been outspoken and authentic to who she is, so it was only a matter of time before she really owned that, and I’m proud of her

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January 3, at 9: May 28, at 6: She started as the tween popstar with a dual life on Disney, but Miley Cyrus has since conquered music, film, and television. But her controversy-courting transition boosted her album sales. How much has her wealth grown since Hannah Montana? Her name was shortened to Miley Cyrus, which she goes by now. Albums under her stage persona were Billboard hits. She became richer as the first artist to sign TV, film, music, and merchandising deals with Disney.

She debuted under her own name in with Hannah Montana 2: Best of Both Worlds Concert

Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth’s Roller Coaster Romance — A Timeline!

Apr 22, 6: However, someone, somewhere, said that she has a unique artistic talent and drove her to the top of the charts. We want to find someone to talk to.

Reports are claiming Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus’ mother Tish Cyrus got into a very heated, very public dispute at the exclusive club Soho Beach House in Malibu, California. “A huge yelling match broke out between Liam and Tish – it was pretty hard to ignore because they were causing such a.

Miley’s most shocking move was when she performed a racy song-and-dance with the Clinton impersonator during her Party In The USA finale number. Miley Cyrus performed a racy dance number with a Bill Clinton impersonator during her Bangerz opening show in Vancouver on Friday The singer was clad in red-white-and-blue outfit that consisted of a high-cut sparkly leotard, star-spangled cowboy boots and Stetson hat.

Miley got down on her knee and crouched low while her masked partner in untucked shirt, black suit and tie grooved to the music in front of her. The former Hannah Montana star, who’s been hell-bent on destroying her goody-two-shoes image, over achieved that mission while on stage at the Rogers Arena. The year-old shredded what was left of her Hannah Montana image with this X-rated performance That looks uncomfortable: Miley’s back-up dancer wore a Bill Clinton mask, dark suit, shirt and sloppy tie Junk food: The entertainer did just that while singing a song astride a gigantic hot dog She wasn’t afraid of heights either as she belted out a tune while astride a huge hot dog and wearing a fluffy yellow jacket that reminded one of Tweety bird from the Loony Tunes cartoons.

American symbolism was everywhere as one of Miley’s dancers dressed up as the Statue Of Liberty and another little one donned a Liberty Bell. Miley’s set featured 12 dizzying costume changes in all including a leotard prettily embellished with marijuana leaves and a daring red-sequin bodysuit. Miley wore a furry yellow jacket that may have been inspired by Tweety bird Defying gravity: The platinum-haired wonder displayed no dizzying fear of heights either Liberty for all:

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January 13, Celebrities are not real people, in the same way, the folks that deliver the mail and pick up the trash. When celebrities die it is not more important than anyone else. Yet, the internet and Facebook begin buzzing at the slightest hint of their demise. Toting their dedication to entertaining the masses, all the while, another child is shot in south Chicago.

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Kevin September 5, at Kim Keller September 5, at Parenting requires you to give your child love and limits, not Draconian limits, but clear boundaries of what is and is not acceptable. The trick is to gradually give them freedom over time so they learn how to deal with adult things little by little. Her parents were also not setting the best examples of mature, responsible adult behavior. Hannah September 6, at 9: Miley may have been another child without proper guidance, and while I do agree somewhat with your methods of parenting, I do not agree with judging another person.

More so if you do not know their situation. Kim Keller September 7, at 8: Using examples of behavior as a cautionary tale is not judging. Unfortunately, entertainers provide too many examples of cautionary tales with tragic consequences. Not judgment, teachable moments. Bob September 6, at People today do not understand what its like to have self worth any more simply because their so called role models dont either.

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Tweet By Nicole Knepper, August 27, at 4: Is Miley Cyrus mentally ill? This is outside the curve. And yeah, I know she’s legally an adult, but she’s only 20 years old for cripe’s sake, a minute past getting the training wheels off her bike if you ask me. For some time now, her behavior has given me the Uh-ohs, but more recently, her hyper-sexuality, lack of impulse control and boundaries, rapid mood swings, admitted drug use, compulsive tweeting and spending, extreme displays of irritability and argumentative behavior, difficulty sleeping, and hoarding of animals, all documented on Twitter by Miley herself for her over 13 million followers, are not just typical adolescent behaviors.

Not even for rich and famous entertainers!

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Has anyone seen Redeemed? We sure needed her words of wisdom in the Beyonce post. Rumor has it, she, and several former disgruntled Eddie Long followers, allegedly, got together and formed an all Christian twerk team Its legit too. They make it clap underneath layers of clothing. So, you cant see whats clapping Its all implied, non visual, and PG rated. I think Jesus would approve http: Gomez denied force-feeding the crayons and said she did it to deter the student from eating art supplies, her attorney said.

The details of her re-instatement have not been finalized, including the date or institution Gomez will be returning to, though the official confirmed she will not be welcomed back at Sunrise. At that time, the administrative judge said while he found her behavior inappropriate, there was no evidence that Gomez was trying to punish the student.