We just went from a movie. Yeah or I should call it, our date. I cant deny that day by day I feel comfortable around him. Ah god, why did you give me this feeling?? Who will you choose? What should I say?? His kisses come down from my forehead, nose, and last… Lips… his kisses stop on my lips. He crushed my lips soflty and I kiss him back… His kisses make me feel calm and warm. And you have to know that… This is my first kiss… Shock?


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Biographie. Kim Hyuna a deux frères plus jeunes. Elle a fait ses études dans diverses écoles dont Choong Chun Middle School et Korea High School of Music and Arts, et récemment à la Konkuk University, en se spécialisant principalement dans l’histoire des arts [1].Hyuna a un tatouage sur son épaule gauche, avec écrit: «My mother is the heart, that keeps me alive», ce qui signifie.

July 4, Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea Family: Older sister, parents Facts: He originally wanted to be a high school P. September 3, Birth Place: December 19, Birth Place: Younger brother, parents Facts: For a date to be perfect, JunHyung said he needs a bowling ball, a car, money, and something nice to wear He originally specialized in b-boying, but after dislocating his shoulder for a third time, he switched to popping. January 5, Birth Place: Older sister, parents Was in a rock band in high school When he was younger, he thought his parents loved his sister more than him YoSeob and KiKwang are high school classmates.

He once said it was because HyunSeung was least likely to hurt him, so it was easy.

T ara jiyeon and b2st kikwang confirmed to be dating

Jiyeon sering mengundang IU untuk sekedar makan bersama di apartemennya atau menginap bersama. IU pun juga sama sayangnya pada Suzy,seperti ia sayang pada Jiyeon,jika ditanya siapa yang harus ia pilih antara Suzy dan Jiyeon,IU akan mengatakan Sujiyeon. IU bilang dia ingin cepat bisa mendapatkan SIM agar bisa membawa suzy jalan-jalan. Baru-baru ini di sela-sela kesibukan masing-masing mereka merencanakan jalan-jalan berdua,tanpa staff tanpa manajer ke Roma.

Mar 06,  · Kikwang also has a feeling towards Euna even though he knows that Euna already married. (Euna didn’t know about Kikwang’s feeling towards her) .

The agency has confirmed that EXO D. Dalam bahasa Inggris supaya feel berita ala Allkpop atau Soompi-nya dapet, hehe. The agency has confirmed their relationship after Dispatch had published the pictures of D. On those pictures, DO and Park Rin is wearing all black and hat, which is their favorite fashion colour and item. According to the Dispatch, D. O embraced Park Rin shoulder and they had a lot of conversation. Probably, they watched D. O latest movie, Pure Love.

O and Park Rin. The agency then also confirmed that D. O and Park Rin are dating.

Infinite l and t-ara jiyeon dating kikwang

Please log in to report this content? I’m back with another update! I’m sorry to say this is more like a filler chapter, so it’s not that good but I promise you tomorrow’s update will be times better! So please look forward to it! All of a sudden, everything from last night came back to me. Why would you let yourself care for him after everything that happened last night.

Comunidad orientada a la traducción de subtítulos de Cine Asiático, Anime y Series Asiáticas (Doramas), además de cultura y música del lejano oriente.

Hyekwang younger brother – Yoseob: Haeyeon elder Sung Yubin: Lee Taesung 1 elder brother. Name unknown eldest sister , Kkot-ip elder sister – Hoya: Wooram 1 younger sister – Hyomin: Hoya Infinite ; Jiyeon I love you. Originally posted by ranzart Wonder Girls – Yubin. JeA Brown Eyed Girls May 10 at BTOB – Minhyuk 3.

Hyori Lee There is no B. Dongjun The most beautiful girl 1.

K-Pop Imagines

Can you please explain this to me ’cause it seems that I don’t understand. What’s wrong between us? It was almost like as if he had rehearsed his answer a million times. You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. More than anything in the world. H-how do you not feel that?

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He has not come home or has spoken to anyone at home. There was always awkward silence as I pass by him in the hallways of school. It was almost as if he has become a different person. I wanted my brother back; I wanted us to go back the way we were before. Why was he being like this? How can he treat his most favorite little sister like this? Nothing made sense to me. The more I thought about the more confused I got. I dialed his number on the iPhone and put it against my ear.

It was Christmas day and he had not come home to celebrate with Mother and Father. It went right to voicemail. I sighed heavily in disappointment. Was he not going to even come back for me? Every year, we would go out to ice skate on a frozen pond that was not known to most people.

Jinwoon, Jiyeon, and Hyomin to MC on Music Core this week

I hoped Junhyung would come answer the door but to my surprise, it was his sister Jiyeon. Her hair was messily in a bun and she had her large thick glasses rested slightly on her nose. She squinted, as she got closer to me as if to examine me.

Soo Young est une chanteuse, actrice et mannequin sud-coréenne. Elle fait partie des Girls’ Generation.




Jul 09,  · Actor Lee Dong Gun Expresses His Love for T-ara’s Jiyeon in a recent letter to fans! This is just SO sweet!! What are your thoughts on the couple? Let me know in the comments!:) .


Jinwoon, Jiyeon, and Hyomin to MC on Music Core this week


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