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Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. I ran into a couple questions and emailed Total Car Diagnostics support. Alex was quick to respond and very helpful. Erikcharely 6 weeks ago All my cars are over 10 years old so it is not uncommon to get a check engine light mulfunction. I have had these checked by local mechanic who doesn’t charge to read the faults, unlike the dealer but so far – none of the codes have been for anything really serious, mostly random misfires. Having the Total car diagnostics OBD2 scan tool and it’s software allows me to check the codes myself so I am not at the mercy of the mechanic and clear them if it is nothing serious. I could have purchased a cheaper diagnostic tool off Amazon with a lot less features but I wanted one that would tell me in plain English what the code means rather than having to look up a code number and one that would read more than generic Engine codes as is common in marketplace amongst car readers.

ScanMaster OBD Software

Posted 14 March – Any connected component can cause post fault. Make sure you try to reset the cmos especially if you have any over clocks etc If you have a speaker connected to the main board you should get a memory fault on post with no ram installed.

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The slightly less good news is that it took a fair bit of sorting out and is not for the faint hearted or indeed ham-fisted. It turns out that there is a fairly common error on the PCB within these cheap Chinese devices which prevents the J interface from working which is, as the law of sod would dictate, the one you need for Fords.

It is fixable, but you need to open the unit up, cut a track on the PCB and strap a surface-mount pin to ground. With thanks to “Snail” and “Lyssy” at http: It might fix yours I take no responsibility for what happens should you follow these instructions and something untoward happen. Peel off the label on the top of the unit to reveal four screws that hold the box together, take these out and prise the box apart.

Obviously any thoughts of returning the unit for a refund should be forgotten now

ScanMaster ELM 2.1 Full Version

If I connect the shield of my coax which is grounded outside to the antenna input of my R8, I hear lots of junk, indicating that there is an RF voltage difference between the coax shield and the R8 chassis. Last night this measured about S5. That’s a lot of noise: This sort of disagreement about ground potential is characteristic of electrically noisy environments.

The receiver will, of course, respond to any voltage input that differs from its chassis ground. The antenna, on the other hand, is in a very different environment, and will have its own idea of what ground potential is.

Electronics and gauges. Turbo Regal Restored Engine Harness. This is a completely and meticulously restored / Turbo Buick engine wire harness.

Yes 1 – The digits between brackets x3 correspond to the number of vehicles of the same type tested 2 – Power in DIN horsepower multiplied by 0. A vehicle showing on a mode means that no corresponding PID is active and that as a result the mode is supported but will not reply to any requests. None of the vehicles described below support mode 8.

Note, the interface and protocol used as not all are supported by an ELM type interface. Compatible vehicles can be diagnosed using generic multibrand ELM interfaces. Table utility There are several uses: While the official dates for implementing the standard have been defined, manufacturers have implemented the standard more or less early. See the official dates. The list can be used if your vehicle is on it , to know in advance if you can buy an ELM interface and whether it will work with your vehicle.

The second piece of useful information is the “level” of implementation of the standard. In general, the more recent your vehicle, the more diagnoses you can do on it. The tables list the support modes and their parameters. How was this list written?

Auto To PC Bluetooth User Guide

Modern vehicles contain a computer brain which is used to monitor and control various sensors and controls in your vehicle. A portion of this computer operates and controls your engine function. The use of OBD readers has emerged to be very useful and is now found on most of the modern vehicles.

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Its features include POS module, inventory management, customer management, employee management, ecommerce and reporting. It is compatible with the Windows operating system only and is available as on-premises software and as client server solution. The company is a subsidiary of Retalix Ltd. It is based in Plano, Texas. The rating is based on 17 aggregated online reviews. It is ideal for serving stores with 10 to stations. It is used by over 10, businesses. It enables you to manage inventory via automated ordering, serial number assignment, transfers and tracking.

It offers auto update inventory on website.

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Interface Setup BlueTooth Version: The OBDII plug is normally located under the steering column or dash board, about 3 feet away from the driver. Turn on your laptop or mobile phone and locate the Bluetooth settings. In Windows you may have a Bluetooth icon in your task bar tray. Scan for and locate new hardware.

I purchased it at the same time as my DE radio which I’m impressed with on eBay. The ant tested was on the TG34 model replacing the TG33 model. It does not say Degen but its their brand and I am sure the same as Kaito. You get a lot of stuff with it. I have no idea the affect of this metal rod in the middle of the loop, but more on how it works below. At the feed line is a switch for SW or MW. It comes with a long feed line 15′. The amplifier is the size of a large pack of gum.

It takes two AAA’s not incl. I found dialing down biused more towards higher freqs. I did not look under the board, it was in there for good, so I did not push my luck. You get two attachments, a loop-stick booster and one two lead pigtail with alligator clips. If you have no leads or have dedicated antenna input, the third way to use is the pigtail and clip attachment, connecting to the external antenna or to the radios wires leads.

the digital highlighter

NCE has made several of these available to it’s users. JMRI has been updated to work with these as they come out. For more information on turnout feedback, please see the feedback documentation page The release in the first half of had a problem with odd turnout status. Every other odd accessory shared the same status bit. If you’re not sure if you have the latest, you can perform a simple test.

First normal accessory 1 and 5 using the “Select Accy” button on your ProCab.

I called Innovate motorsports and asked about their kits and accessories. If you’re interested in what I have found so far, here it is: The LM-1 kit has data logging capability and the LC-1 doesn’t. The LC-1 standalone is pretty much just for real time display and is attached to the car with 7 wires. It is for practical purposes a permanent mount.

The LM-1 is portable and is powered through the cigarette lighter. It doesn’t have a good real time display but can record 44 minutes of data. The high points of the Innovate LM-1 are the error codes and calibration abilities. Innovate has a forum with good tech support and is well documented according to their own words.

ELM327 WIFI Configuration

I never said it was read-only. Did you read the second half of the answer? Let me repeat this one more time:

Cord is good quality and the software is good enough for the DIY. Looking for higher quality software that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg is a little hard, but this is a perfect start! I am using an old 10 inch HP laptop with a small Intel mobile processor and works great. I went through several before finding that this one works well with Torque on my Pumpkin in dash Android Stereo.

It’s significantly faster than the Bluetooth connection i was using and I no longer have to suffer through re-pairing. Review by Glenn Dawn [Amazon Review] Satisfaction It works exactly as advertised and was delivered a day earlier than forecast. I have a Windows 10 HP laptop and it connected to the car with no problems. I like the ability to know why the “check engine” light comes on and the ability to reset it.

That said, I wish the software had a feature to allow you to mark events as they occur. USB and a laptop may seem a clunky solution, but it works and it’s cheap. I would buy again. Just download the for free software and enter the activation key that comes with the device and with that you have full access to all your vehicles codes and it is very easy to reset trouble codes.

Monitor Says ”No Video Input” Looking a while for a fix :\

The same scanner worked fine on the car just over a year ago with a different ecutek flash from a different tuner from what i am using now. And then fast forward to now, the same model scanner would not work anymore. Initially, I thought that there had to be something wrong with my car, but when I exchanged the scanner for a second unit with same model number, I got the same “Error” code come up on screen. It wasn’t until I went to the higher end unit that it could connect.

The autostore told me that since the units are constantly being changed by the manufacturer, one of the changes they made meant that my car would not be compatible with the system even though previous versions were.

Scan tool Parameter Interpretation and Use It is virtually impossible to successfully “improve” a turbo Buick beyond factory spec and hope to keep it together without a scan tool. Further, it will be impossible to tune it when using a modern, programmable chip. In fact, if one has an original, completely stock car, one will be ahead of the game if one has a scan tool given the age of the cars and the number of things that can go wrong. One needs at a minimum, a scan tool, a means of measuring fuel pressure both at idle, and at wide open throttle, and an accurate means of reading boost Against, I stress the word minimum.

The ECM controls virtually every aspect of the engine management system. Connection thru the ALDL port provides one frame of information every 1. On a very quick car, this is not very frequent, but there have been cars in the Nines using nothing more, but, this may not be adequate for the average guy that is lacking experience. Some tools, like the ScanMaster , are normally permanently mounted and are used all the time as a monitor. The most comprehensive scan tools connect to the factory engineering connector on the bottom of the ECM which is normally covered by the ECM case.

These units report data at a sample rate greater than 20 times per second as well as supplying many parameters that cannot be accessed thru the ALDL port.

How to program DMX lights for beginners (simple lesson)